Cedar Grove Cemetery Price List

Effective May 1, 2021, the following list of charges will be in effect covering the price of cemetery lots, niches and burials at Cedar Grove Cemetery.

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Lots, Single Graves, Niches
8 grave lot $8,800
4 grave lot $4,400
2 grave lot (monumental) $2,200
Single grave $900
Cremation Lot [Section 37] (two cremation burials) $500
Youth grave [Section 6-AY] (ages 1-10) $250
2 Urn Columbarium Niche Wide Front: $2,800
6 grave lot $6,600.00
3 grave lot $3,300.00
2 grave lot (double slant) $2,000
Single Grave, Welfare (must have welfare number; restrictions apply) $600
Infant grave [Section 38] (under age one) (Styrofoam caskets must be enclosed in concrete vaults. Combination Casket/vaults such as Wilbert's Angelus and Cherub are acceptable.) $175
2 Urn Columbarium Niche Narrow Front $2,500

Opening and Closing Grave (Lowering device and artificial grass no longer provided by the cemetery) $1,000
Opening and Closing Infant Grave $175
Opening and Closing Cremation Grave $400
Inclusion of a cremation in casket at same time as burial $150
Opening and Closing, Welfare (Must have welfare number; restrictions apply) $535
Opening and Closing Youth Grave $225
Burial of a cremation in an existing grave $400
Foundations for headstones and monuments, per square foot $100 (Minimum charge- $200.00)

A WINTER CHARGE of $150.00 will be imposed and added to the opening and closing costs for the months of December, January, February and March.

SATURDAY funerals will be charged an additional $250.00 plus $75.00 per hour for each hour or part of an hour that a cemetery employee works past 12:00 noon. Saturday funerals require 48 hours prior notice.

Monday funerals must be scheduled by 11:00 A.M. on the preceding Friday, and funerals on the day following a holiday must be scheduled by 11:00 A.M. of the last business day preceding a holiday. The cemetery cannot guarantee grave openings for funerals scheduled after the 11 :00 A.M. deadline.

This schedule supersedes all previous schedules submitted in the past. Effective May 1st 2021

Revised April 8th 2021